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Lectures Offerings

Improving and adapting the conduct of employees, teams, projects and factories in the field of electronic hardware development by:

  • Analysis of the electronic development scene today

  • Understanding relevant human abilities/limitations and hence:

  • Optimizing the work/productivity of the employee by:

    • Increasing effective working time

    • Improving IP preservation in the work process

  • Improving development management at the engineering and project level

  • Improvement of factory conduct on the basis of the above

Lecture: The Human aspects

  • Recent decades - Evolution

  • Evolution affect in general & specifically on Human aspects

  • Relevant Human Abilities / Limitation / Performance

  • Human related Practical aspects at the personal, team and factory levels


Lecture/Workshop: Practical Aspects of  Electronics D&D and production - considerations and outcome

  • From costumer Requirements till product EOL

      To be conduct based on the audience roll:

  • Design personnel / teams

  • Managers

  • Students.  Practical aspects for academics…

  • Designed for small groups - up to 10 participants


Lecture: Practical aspects for academics (BA final year)

  • Welcome: The practical world .. today .. where do you end up?

  • The transition process for bachelor's degree graduates

  • How to look for a job: The obvious....and more

  • Hiring process: reasons, interviews - characteristics

  • Integration at work: "Day-one" and after

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